Manicure Pedicure

We offer a wide range of manicure pedicure products that consists of nail clippers, scissors, tweezers, cuticle nippers, nail and foot files and corn removers. Our products are available in the Three Seven (777) brand from Korean as well as our own Kawakib brand.

Manicure Pedicure Collection from Three Seven (777), Korea

The Three Seven (777) collection from Korea are of exceptional quality. The nail clippers are world class produced with much precision and quality. 

Three Seven Nail Cllippers 1

Three Seven Nail Cllippers 2


We offer a wide range of scissors from the Three Seven (777), Kawakib and Nikken brand.  We have embroidery scissors, barber scissors, fancy scissors, cuticle scissors, nail scissors, thinning scissors, all purpose scissors, safety scissors, eyebrow scissors and nostril scissors.  We offer a normal and premium range of scissors in the Kawakib range. The premium range comes with razors or semi razor finishing, in both polished and matte finish.