Hair Removal Products

Our range of Hair Removal products include the Dimples, Silkia and Eplicare brands from the UK. The products come in the form of cream, wax strips for the body, face and bikini line, hot wax, natural sugar wax and spray foam. They provide a painless, quick, easy and effective way of removing unwanted hair. 

Dimples Hair Removal Products

Dimples Hair Removing Products

Dimples hair removal range gives you perfect results every time. No matter your skin type or preferences, there’s a Dimples product for you.

Shaving means unpleasant stubble that looks bad and feels worse. They leave women embarrassed and uncomfortable. Boost your self-esteem the easy way with Dimples hair removal products. And treat yourself to beautiful, smooth skin you can be proud of. Whether you choose our spray foam, cream or wax strips, you can be confident and relaxed with gorgeous, smooth skin that lasts for weeks. 

Silkia Range

Silkia Hair Removal Products

For smooth and beautiful skin that is just begging to be shown off, choose Silkia Hair Removal Products. Designed for the woman who wants the ultimate smoothness and elegance. Silkia is suitable for all skin types and comes in a range of easy to apply, effective and convenient applications. 

Silkia Hair removal creams and waxes gently eliminate unwanted body hair to leave your skin feeling smooth as silk. Using Silkia also means that hair re-growth can take up to 6 weeks longer than after shaving. So say goodbye to shaving and say hello to Silkia Hair Removal – the simple solution for smoother skin.

Epilcare Range

Eplicare Hair Removal Products

A new range of hair removing products perfect for those with sensitive skin. Comes as hot wax for facial hair remover and ready to use wax strips for the legs.

Dimples, Silkia and Eplicare products are made in the United Kingdom and we are the sole distributors in Singapore and Malaysia. To get more information on these products, please contact us.