Shaving Accessories

We distribute the CROMA brand of razor blades, shaving systems and disposable razors.

The CROMA brand of shaving systems, disposable razors and razor blades are made in Germany. Top Quality, reliability, precision, detailed, innovation, high technology and safety are all hallmarks that are synonymous with the   ‘Made in Germany’ tagline. CROMA products are no different. They represent decades of experience and top quality blade-cutting technology not found in other brands. We ensure that you get the best quality product that gives you the best shaving experience.

CROMA Razor Systems

We have the CROMA Classic amd the CROMA Xenon 5 Razor Systems available. 

Croma Shaving Systems Classic and Xenon 5

Croma Classic Twin Blade and Xenon 5 Shaving Systems

The Croma Classic is suitable for a gentle and close shave. With 2-blade system, flexible swiveling head, anti-slip grip and 5 spare blades.

The  Xenon 5 shaving system with 5-blade technology is suitable for a comfortable, safe and close shave; with an innovative and fresh design.

CROMA Disposable Razors

Croma Disposable Razors comes in various models. 

Croma Quick& Easy 1 and 2 and Line II Disposable Razors

Croma Quick & Easy 1 – Single Blade disposable razor. 5 in pack.

Croma Quick & Easy 2 – Double Blade disposable razor. 5 in pack.

Croma Line II – Double Blade with Aloe Vera glide strip. 5 in pack.

Corma Active _Evox 3 Disposable Razors

Croma Active – Double blade with soft grip and Aloe Vera glide strip. 5 in pack.

Croma Evox 3 – 3 Blades, flexible pivoting head, ergonimic handle and aloe vera glide strip. 3 in blister pack.

Wet Shaving – Croma Razor Blades

Croma Diamant Double Edge (DE) Blades are one of the best in class. Renowned by wet shavers all over the world for it’s quality, sharpness and smoothness. 

It is made from stainless steel. With dimensions of 22 mm x 42.85 mm x 0.10 mm, it fits all traditional blade holders. An extremely high quality Stainless Steel blade.  An excellent shaving performer, it’s incredibly sharp, razor edge provides optimum shaving comfort with a high level of shaver’s satisfaction achieved. They come in a cardboard pack of 10 blades. 20 packs in carton.  

Croma Diamant Double Edge Razor Blades

CROMA for Women

The Croma Calypso disposable razor with 2 blades is suitable for a gentle and close shave. It comes with Aloe Vera glide strip. 5 in pack. 

Croma Calypso Ladies Disposable Razor