Cosmetic Products

We distribute a range of cosmetic products which includes eye-shadow, eye pencils and eyeliners, lip stick, lip gloss, face powder and blushers. We are the sole distributors of the Alobon range of cosmetic products in Singapore and Malaysia. We also have our own Kawakib brand of professional eye pencils.

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Alobon Cosmetic Products

The Alobon range of cosmetics has gained immense popularity in China, Russia and the South East Asian countries. Known for it’s high quality products and immaculate packaging, it is a big hit with women who care about their looks as much as their pockets. 

Alobon 12 Color Cream Eyeshadow and Perfect Lipstick

The Alobon 12 color cream eye shadow Alobon Perfect lipstick are hot sellers. The 12 color cream eye shadow is only available in Alobon. Alobon Perfect lipsticks come in vibrant and fabulous colors. The quality and smoothness will surprise you. , as it is is comparable to high end brand lipsticks. It is smooth and long lasting. 

Alobon Eyeliners and Eyepencils

Alobon has a variety of liquid eyeliners and eyeliner pencils for you to choose from. 

Alobon Blushers and Powders


There is a variety of mascara, blushers and face powders. BB Cream and CC Cream, as well as Cleansing Oil is available. And all this at extremely affordable prices. 

Kawakib Eye Pencils

Kawakib eye pencils are our own branded eye pencils that are in the market since 1980. Again, these pencils have stood the test of time. That is a testament to their quality. They are available in 2 sizes. The Kawakib Professional Eyebrow Eyeliner and Kawakib Khol Eyeliner Waterproof. Both comes in 2 colours (Black and Dark Brown).

Kawakib and Alobon Eyepencils